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we believe that a job well done is a job that will stand the test of time. A job well done is one performed with patience, using the right tools and using the best available parts. To this end, our standard parts and labor warranty is 3 year or 60,000 kilometers, whichever occurs first on all repairs we perform as recommended and using our recommended parts, supplied by 416 Cars & Trucks.

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    Brakes Suspension & Diagonestics

      The braking system is the most common wear item on any vehicle and certainly among the most important safety features.416 Cars & Trucls tracks the wear of your brakes and can recommend replacement when they are approaching end of life, usually allowing you to plan for the repair rather than be surprised.


      416 Cars & Auto offers a host of inspections, covering everything from complimentary to full DOT inspections, required when transferring ownership in Ontario. We utilize a DVI (digital vehicle inspection) format with which we can add pictures, short videos, and recommendations right from the inspecting technician.

    Engine Diagonestics

      416 Cars & Trucks does not shy away from difficult or intricate jobs, such as timing chains on modern engines, transmission diagnosis and repair, or differential and transfer case diagnosis and repair. There are times when we will run into a learning curve, since there is a first time for every job and we may be slowed down having to wait for tools that we don’t yet own.

    Suspension & Steering

      Common problems faced when suspension or steering components are worn or damaged include clinks and rattles on uneven roads, vehicle wandering, especially in wind, vehicle bouncing when driving, tipping or nose-diving on corners or when braking and steering wheel not being centered. 416 Cars & Trucks uses quality replacement parts to replace worn or damaged parts.

    Diagnosis & Electical

      Diagnosis is not limited to scanning a vehicle for codes when light is illuminated. It is also necessary to spend the time to properly assess and diagnose concerns in virtually all vehicle systems. These include drivability, NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness), starting and charging systems, body electronics, air conditioning, and more.

    Tune Up & Oil Change

      At 416 Cars & Trucks, we include a comprehensive vehicle inspection with every oil change to ensure the overall health and safety of your vehicle. We keep an eye on your maintenance and make recommendations based on your service schedule, service history, and what we see during our inspection.
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